06 April 2013

Clinical research

There's so much that goes on in the treatment of patients, I don't even know where to start. From financial barriers to language barriers to cultural barriers, how do we overcome all of this. It can be so disheartening to have stops after stops after stops. I hope all that I'm learning, I can apply in my own practice... Sigh..

23 December 2012

Woo! Going to Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science

So I've finally done it. I will be a member of the class of 2017 at RFUMS in Illinois.

After finally finishing my masters, torturous months of MCAT studying, I will be starting next fall. I'm nervous but confident. Right now I'm trying to soak up as much of the Bay Area before i get dropped off in cold Chicago.

The first thing I did was check out the girl to guy ratio of the last class. Nice. Balanced. When I interviewed there, I noticed there were some really cute girls there.

Anomaly? Maybe. I have to get my deposit in by Jan. 18.

And I have to apply for housing by Jan 2.

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09 February 2012

A game changer...

Ping! Usually that innocuous sound alerts me to deals on living social, groupon, or traffic alerts for my morning commute to UCSF. Ping! is usually reserved for the mundane and the everyday. Except for monday afternoon.

Last Monday, I got a very special email ping from a med school I applied to. An invitation to interview at their school! I looked over the email, to make sure I was reading it right. I should call within 2 weeks to make a date... I called within 10 minutes. The other minutes were spent calling my parents. The other was trying to get some advice from my younger bro.

I called and spoke to a very sweet lady who informed me that a cancellation occurred for Monday, and I gladly took it. As I spoke to her, I was already looking up flight details. She offered two spots, morning or afternoon. At first I accepted the afternoon before I realized my blunder. Crap!! There's not many spaces left! I should take the morning! I politely asked to change the interview to the morning. Done. Bingo bango. I have an interview....

(to be continued).

03 December 2011

Update time!

Previously, on a very special Roth. I was just finishing up data. Did I finally write that thesis. Yes! I currently am adding more substance to a couple of sections but once that's done, defense time!

Second, all my apps are in and I'm working on completing them. Sent in st. George...

Third, I got a new job at UCSF working in cancer research. After a month, I still love it.

That's it for a short update... More soon.

05 August 2011

A typical day...

So what does a person do, studying for the biggest exam of his life? 

Here's a breakdown of what happens. 

7:00 Wake up, hit snooze.

7:30 Actually get up, trip over dog, shower, brush teeth, etc

8:30 Get to UCSF library, remark whole seemingly empty it is.

9:00 After catching up on emails and wasting time reading, actually study

11:30 Pack up stuff, and grab books of the shelf to pretend someone is still there. 

11:45 Avoid eye contact with old people in the men's locker room. Change quickly to avoid glances.

12:00 Work out, run, etc, sweat

12:45 Go to Subway, order a blt, still sweaty from the work out because showering takes too much time.

1:15 Eat, text, listen to music...

1:30 Got to Library, and find that spot has been taken by some weird guy reading just a newspaper. 

1:45 Find a quiet spot and study.

3:00 Still studying

5:00 Still studying

7:00 Still studying

7:30 Security guy tells me the library is going to close soon. Better pack up.

7:50 Security tazes me

8:00 Carried out of the door and onto the bench.

8:15 Regain consciousness. Head home

9:15 Eat dinner, watch TV

11:00 Weep, that this is going to happen again for next 3 weeks. 

12:00 Sleep 

So far, it's been a month of this. It gets better right? RIGHT?!? =) 


20 July 2011

19 July 2011

Why be surprised?


Part of the experience of studying/writing thesis/ filling out secondaries for 12 hours in a library, is the people that come here. A few minutes ago, I had a cube mate sighed angrily out loud. And patrons who crack open a cold one in the library.

It's the small things like this that makes studying enjoyable.

You've got residents, law students ( I could tell, because they were better dressed), and random people in one place. And they're all nuts.

The wifi here has been decent so far, but not great. Which is good for someone like me, who get tired of physics as circuits. Though, now, I can teach the damn thing now.

Still, I'm sure if I wait long enough, I'll have crazy stories about the people who inhabit this study haven of mine.

Back to studying.

P.S. Here's a pic of the "view"